Davis Eye Liner Lip Liner Pencil and eyeliner :D

hi! everyone 😀

I love these pencils so much. I tried them on my lip balm and they stayed for about 4 hours. They have a smooth and creamy texture and I did not have any problems applying them. In fact they are much better in texture than the lakme perfect definition lip liners.


DSCN4653  DSCN4656DSCN4652


thumbs up  👍 – 🙂 

  1. stays for long
  2. inexpensive
  3. smooth texture.Creamy eye pencil that glides on easily
  4. smudge free
  5. pigmentation is superb
  6. can be used as both lipliner and eyeliner
  7. Does not have any strong smell
  8. Claims to have Vitamin A&E.
  9. Waterline safe
  10. comes in glittery shades too

thumbs down 👎 –


link to buy-





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