Erich Segal Doctors-Book Review

hi everyone,

i think this was  my first book which i had read when i decided i wanted to go for a profession in the field of medicine.At first , i did not really understand many things in it because it had many medical related terminologies…. .

i again  read this book after i got admitted to my first year of college in a dental college…it was then when i could actually relate to all the things!  ….Erich segal (An Indian author) has described the medical profession in such a wonderful way it would defintely intrigue a young mind.



Publishing House-Bantam book

Price – 5.75 US dollars

No of pages- 678

This is what is written at the back of book-

“Writing with all the passion of Love Story and power of The Class, Erich Segal sweeps us into the lives of the Harvard Medical School’s class of 1962.  His stunning novel reveals the making of doctors–what makes them tick, scheme, hurt . . . and love.  From the crucible of med school’s merciless training through the demanding hours of internship and residency to the triumphs–and sometimes tragedies–beyond, Doctorsbrings to vivid life the men and women who seek to heal but who must first walk through fire.  At the novel’s heart is the unforgettable relationship of Barney Livingston and Laura Castellano, childhood friends who separately find unsettling celebrity and unsatisfying love–until their friendship ripens into passion.  Yet even their devotion to each other, even their medical gifts may not be enough to save the one life they treasure above all others. Doctors –heartbreaking, witty, inspiring, and utterly, grippingly real–is a vibrant portrait that culminates in a murder, a trial . . . and a miracle.”


Basically, its a story that revolves around two childhood friends, Barney Livingston and Laura Castellano .They grew up next to each other and always aspired to be doctors, eventually ending up in medical school together.

I would definitely recommend it to everyone who is going to or deciding to go for a medical profession or even if someone is interested in biology!!..its a worth read..i really enjoyed it 🙂

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