Lakme lip gloss- lotus mosaic

hi everyone, 😀


shade reviewed- Lotus mosaic

Product Description

This lip gloss provides a fresh kiss of colour to your lips and beautifies them. It provides you with a sheer coverage and comes in a yummy bubble gum flavor.  This gloss has incredibly high-shine. It gives you, glamorous and juicy lips.

Direction for Use 

Just open the cap and press the tube gently, apply the gloss to your lips starting from the middle of your lips and moving it towards the corners of your lips. It has Slant applicator which helps you to have a better control over application and gives you a better finish as compared to a round or flat surface applicator.


200 rupees. for 15 ml ( 3.06 us dollar)


Comes sealed in a tube that can be squeezed to dispense the product. The cap closes tightly.But sometimes the product might leak in hot weather…i have experienced this incident. 😦

Shelf Life

6 months approx

my experience

When it comes to the texture of the gloss, it is thick, smooth and sweet has a very sheer finish to it…..more than pigmentation it has shimmer to it .It is kind of sheer ….light application is good for everyday and those who prefer shiny lipglosses! it has a glossy base with pink sparkles added to can quite notice that in the swatch below.i would have preferred more pigmentation to it…



thumbs up 👍  –

  • Lakme Lip Gloss is very moisturising
  • It has a sweet smell like strawberries.
  •  Packaging is a tube with slant applicator secured with a screw cap. Travel-friendly.
  • Has a slant applicator helps to control amount of gloss, but I think slant tip tubes don’t work very well on thin lips.
  •  Reasonably priced.
  • good for those who like shimmer

Thumbs down 👎  –

  • It is sticky.
  • It is heavy on lips!
  • It not for hot weather!
  • Its colour is not suitable for every skin tone.

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