I have heard  so much about vampires, draculas on tv shows & movies be it vampires diaries , van helsing,dracula,vampire hunter etc..that it really made me wonder….it intrigued me more and more.i had heard about the original novel “dracula” written by bram stoker but suddenly i felt this urge of buying it…
While i was just randomly  going through book stalls in the book fair the other day..This book suddenly caught my eye……i know that  a book should not be judged by its cover

but i just don’t know why this particular book did…..
This book was just  so vintage looking with a leathery maroonish classic hard cover to it with just those word written in golden “DRACULA” over it.
I guess sometimes covers of some books just instantly catches  your eye….
And so there i was  getting hold of that book and finally buying it.
The story in this book is the usual classic ” dracula ” story which everyone must have seen either in movies or read about it….
If you haven’t i would say you can either buy ” kindle version ” of it.. or download it for free…
But personally i feel that the pleasure of reading a book by holding it in your hands and flipping through pages is the happiness only an ” avid reader ” can understand.

Books are just Books !






BOOK REVIEWED -Dracula (Complete and unabridged)

PUBLISHING HOUSE -wilco publishing house

Price– 165 INR ( 2.54 us dollar)
Rating– 5/5


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