Extra Black (Eau De toilette)

hi lovelies, 🙂

i  have seen that there are few people who actually review perfumes….may be because of the simple fact that it cannot be swatched 😛

i’m reviewing the product that was gifted by a friend.


Product reviewed-Extra Black (Eau De Toilette)

Quantity-30ml , 1.02 fl.oz

Ingredients– 80%alcohol,Aqua,perfume,D.E.P

Packaging-i really love the packaging of it….it gives of a vintage look…it comes in sleek black bottle reminds me a lot of arabic perfume bottles!!




My experience

I know that by the name of the perfume….it might sound like a men’s perfume but it actually isn’t.

It’s not at all floral in scent ,the fragrance of it is more like men’s perfume….it reminds me of a davidoff parfum.

For those ladies out there who prefer less of floral fragrances…this one will be epic for you guys!!

Thumbs Up 👍    – 🙂

  • i like the fragrance(not so feminine though)

Thumbs down  👎 

  • not available online easily

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5 thoughts on “Extra Black (Eau De toilette)

  1. Can you please send the link where I can get it online….. You can send it to the mail provided..

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