Colorbar perfect gloss

hi lovelies,

i have been using this gloss on a daily basis for college and i love and adore it because it stays on for so long  🙂 ❤





Quantity– 6ml

My experience

As the texture is just right,it does not feel like you are wearing a heavy sticky gloss. I get comfortable after 5 minutes of applying this has an excellent pigmentation ,more than the sheer ones as they give a little bit of coverage without the need of an extra lipstick to go under.When am wearing this, my lips do not look ‘overdone’ with all the glossiness in it.

The colour which I have is a perfect understated pink for my kind of complexion. I loved wearing it every time I went out and did not fell heavy.



Thumbs up 👍 

  • Goes on very smooth on your lips.
    • It has a very light smell to it.
    • The gloss is very easy to apply with the short wand
  • stays for long

• It is good for everyday wear
• I like pigmented glosses

• It also fades pretty evenly.
• Widely available at all the colorbar counters.

Thumbs down 👎 

  • ingredient list absent

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