Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper

hi lovelies, 😉

I am so glad that brands in India are coming up with something for eyebrows which was forever ignored until now.There are very few good brow pencil available in india….No wonder when Maybelline launched its “Fashion brow duo shaper” it got sold out right away! 🙂 This pencil is available in two shades- BROWN and GREY .

Product Reviewed– Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper


Shade reviewed– Brown

PRICE- RS196( i got this at discounted rate from Snapdeal ).Its market price is Rs 245(3.6 usd) for 0.5 gms of product


What the Company claims: The Fashion Brow is the ultimate duo shaper with a natural mineral powder finish on one end and a 0.2mm micro lead tip pencil on the other to give you an ultra-soft precision for perfectly defined eyebrows up to 12 hours. It fixes gaps and blends seamlessly for smooth, stunning brows. If you’re not born with brows that are naturally full and shaped to perfection, Fashion Brow will guarantee you to get the best look for them.

-Duo shaper with a natural mineral powder finish.
– 0.2mm micro lead tip pencil.
– Double ended eyebrow pencil.
– Perfectly defined eyebrows up to 12 hours.

Shade-Brown is what usually works for everyone…and gives of a more natural look.The grey shade can be used if you have sparse brow hair to fill in the gaps .

Packaging-The Maybelline Fashion Brow Shaper Duo comes as a sleek black plastic packaging with color coded caps. One end has the retractable slim pencil while the other has a sponge applicator which applies the brow powder.

sponge applicator end which helps in filling in the brow
pencil end helps in lining the brow area

Ingredient-the list is mentioned on the outer plastic wrapping in which this pencil comes in.

My experience-In the ‘Brown’ one , the pencil part still looks a bit grey and is not completely brown. The pencil is a bit hard because of which i think it is easier to have a control as to how much product you want on your brows and how much you want to fill in and in which areas.
The cap on the other end of the eyebrow pencil has a bed of shadow in it and the sponge is lying over the shadow only so it attracts as much shadow as it can. So when you take out the sponge to fill in your eyebrows, it automatically gives a muted brown shade and one can easily do about 3-4swipes with the amount of product that comes out on the sponge.

The eye brow pencil from maybelline lasts on me pretty much the whole time without smudging or budging. It is not however a water-proof brow filler. The texture of fashion brow duo is smooth and lightweight. It doesn’t feel as though you’re wearing anything on your eyebrows. It is not at all difficult to take off, one swipe of your favorite makeup remover and off it comes.

SWATCH IN FLASH-The thin line is the pencil And the thick swatch is the by sponge applicator



  • Soap &Glory’s ‘Love is Blonde’
  • Makeup revolution brow arch


  • affordable
  • easily available -offline and online
  • travel friendly
  • easy to use
  • smooth in texture


  • It might take a little getting used to at first. But once you get the hang of it, the Maybelline brow shaper can do wonders.
  • Not waterproof,it might get washed of during summer days due to sweat


i absolutely love it…and would definitely recommend it to everyone else! 🙂



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