Loreal oil replacement cream

Product review

Price-135 INR(1.93usd)

Quantity – 200ml


Normal plastic tube packaging but it looks really chic with the kind of golden cover. Looks very high end. It has flip cap.


How to apply –

It is mentioned clearly on the packaging as to how to apply at the back of the tube.

But the way i use it is-

+ use as heat protectant

+use it as hair serum

+use it as after shower conditioner

+use it as hair oil 30 minutes before or overnight.

My experience

I feel like it does the job of moisturizing very well.

But for people who don’t like smell in there product would not feel comfortable in using it since the smell stays and only goes away after washing. It smells like jasmine oil..

And if you are planning on applying it overnight, the smell will definitely bother you.

Initially when you’ll apply it, it will feela like you have some oil on your hair but slowly that oiliness goes away. I like the way how it leaves my hair soft and non greasy as soon as it dries off.

Will i purchase it again?

I don’t think i would purchase it…. Because as a person i like smell in my products but this one has a very strong smell. So i would like to try some other brands.

Rating – 6/10

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