Lakme 9 to 5 cc cream

Product review

Price – 325 inr(4.63usd)

Recently the price has reduced to 299inr.

Shades available –






It comes in plastic tube packaging with rose gold cap,that makes the product look really chic on your makeup vanity.


Not mentioned on the tube.

But since lakme is a trusted brand,it can be trusted with ingredients.

My experience

I have the beige here.

It is the lightest of all shades.i have seen all the shades in store… And i see no such difference in the color of the cream.

it does feel like on your skin and has nice orangish fresh smell that fades away.

It gives off a white cast immediately after application,but it gradually settles and mixes with your skin tone in a few minutes.

So i would recommend that you do your makeup using this at least 20 minutes before going out,especially if you have a wheatish or dusky skin like me.

It does not color correct… But for a day cream with spf its a nice buy.

The consistency and smell is very similar to lakme 9 to 5 foundation.



Will i purchase it again?

No, i don’t think i will.

Rating – 6/10

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