Kiss beauty contour concealer highlighter palette

Product reviewed

Price- 599 inr (8.47 usd)

i got it at a discount of 299inr on amazon


Quantity – 16g


It comes in a palette form. It feels quite heavy. It has a mirror and comes with a decent brush. For beginners looking for contour cream palette it is a nice one.

It has five shades for all skin shades

And can be used as a concealer too.

Ingredients –

My experience –

It has a very wonderful mild chocolaty fragrance.

And the shades are very beautiful.. I love how you can do so much with one palette.

It gives off descent coverage as concealer.

It works very well as a bronzer too.

It has a nice blendability and it’s waterproof too.

Due to its small packaging, it is travel friendly too.


In day light.

Thumbs up-

*available mostly online.

*blends well.

*many uses like bronzing, concealing and highlighting.

*all shades are matte.

*waterproof too.


Thumbs down-

*not easily available offline

*comes with a nice brush.

Will i purchase it again?

I would like to.



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