Biocare lavender face scrub with chamomile

Product review

Price -200 inr (2.79 usd)

Quantity – 500ml (half a litre)

Packaging –

It comes in simple plastic tub with a white plastic cap.

I got this of amazon.

Consistency –

The cream is neon too thick nor thin.

My experience

The product is nice to use nothing much just a normal scrub.

It has a sweet lavender like smell which might bother to some..

The smell will remain until you scrub your face using it… But it fades off as you wash your face.

The scrub particles are not enough in the cream.. .. That’s what I felt like.

I have used other varient of this biocare face scrub of turmeric and sandalwood one… It had really nice proportion of scrub particles along with cream.

Consistency of the cream is good…

Thumbs up-

*available at an affordable price.

*too big container.

*nice fragrance which fades away

Thumbs down-

*only available online.

Rating – 7/10

Will i purchase it again?

I won’t purchase this.. One but i’ll definitely try other scrub from the biocare line.

My mom loves it.. She has already purchased another pack of the turmeric and sandalwood varient.

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