Biocare lavender face scrub with chamomile

Product review

Price -200 inr (2.79 usd)

Quantity – 500ml (half a litre)

Packaging –

It comes in simple plastic tub with a white plastic cap.

I got this of amazon.

Consistency –

The cream is neon too thick nor thin.

My experience

The product is nice to use nothing much just a normal scrub.

It has a sweet lavender like smell which might bother to some..

The smell will remain until you scrub your face using it… But it fades off as you wash your face.

The scrub particles are not enough in the cream.. .. That’s what I felt like.

I have used other varient of this biocare face scrub of turmeric and sandalwood one… It had really nice proportion of scrub particles along with cream.

Consistency of the cream is good…

Thumbs up-

*available at an affordable price.

*too big container.

*nice fragrance which fades away

Thumbs down-

*only available online.

Rating – 7/10

Will i purchase it again?

I won’t purchase this.. One but i’ll definitely try other scrub from the biocare line.

My mom loves it.. She has already purchased another pack of the turmeric and sandalwood varient.

Makeup Revolution highlighter dupe


If you are someone from india or visiting india.. You can surely should check out these amazing dupes of the makeup revolution highlighter.

Of course, you can buy them from indian sites too..



Price-1050 inr (14.75usd)

The dupes for the above –

Swiss beauty drop and glow liquid highlighter – 390 inr

Kiss beauty liquid highlighter (set of 3)

Price – 629inr (8.84usd)

Me on highlighting drop highlighter

(In candlelight, celestial, sunlight.)

Price- 399 inr

From flipkart



Dupe for the above-

Odbo vivid baked highlighter 01


Maybelline masterchrome highlighter in molten gold

Price – 500rs(7.03usd)

Incolor baked highlighter 08

Price-380inr (5.34usd)

Iconic london in glow –

Price-445 inr(6.25usd)

From snapdeal. Com

Miss claire baked highlighter 03




PRICE-650 INR(9.14 usd)

Dupes of the above are-

Sivanna shimmer brick*01

Price – 270inr (3.80usd)

Miss claire shimmer brick

Price-299inr (4.20usd)

Me on glow shimmer brick(nector02, bronze kiss, pink quartz)

Price – 399inr


Price-1050inr (14.76usd)

DUPES are-

Odbo sweet heart 3 shade blusher

Price 399inr (5.61usd)

Kiss beauty contour concealer highlighter palette

Product reviewed

Price- 599 inr (8.47 usd)

i got it at a discount of 299inr on amazon


Quantity – 16g


It comes in a palette form. It feels quite heavy. It has a mirror and comes with a decent brush. For beginners looking for contour cream palette it is a nice one.

It has five shades for all skin shades

And can be used as a concealer too.

Ingredients –

My experience –

It has a very wonderful mild chocolaty fragrance.

And the shades are very beautiful.. I love how you can do so much with one palette.

It gives off descent coverage as concealer.

It works very well as a bronzer too.

It has a nice blendability and it’s waterproof too.

Due to its small packaging, it is travel friendly too.


In day light.

Thumbs up-

*available mostly online.

*blends well.

*many uses like bronzing, concealing and highlighting.

*all shades are matte.

*waterproof too.


Thumbs down-

*not easily available offline

*comes with a nice brush.

Will i purchase it again?

I would like to.



Lakme absolute luxe matte lipcolor with argan oil

Product review

Shade reviewed- 14 lush rose

Price – 800 INR(11.31usd)

Quantity – 3.4g

Packaging –

I just am a big fan of this lipstick bullet.. It has a golden metallic bullet case… With pops open. It so high end like.

Ingredients –

Not mentioned on the bullet but it is mentioned on the plastic package it comes in. Besides it’s the most trusted brand in india.


In natural light

In flash-

In natural light-

My experience –

Packaging wise it does a really amazing job…the fragrance of this lipstick is like vanilla frosting on the cake. This fragrance fades quickly but i really love the smell.

For the quantity, i find the product a bit overpriced.

It does moisturise your lips but it is not at all matte..

It has a shinny finish just like any other non matte lipstick.

I have a bit of pigmentation on my lips and it doesn’t really does a very good job at covering them completely… As it is not that opaque as i want it to be.. And whenever i try to apply it with multiple swipes, it feels like it gives a bit of patchy appearance.

The color is a nice fuschia color if you want to have a nice moisturing lipstick and have a dry lip problem this product is the best.

If you are looking for full coverage lipstick( i wouldn’t recommend atleast this shade).

Thumbs up-

*looks high end

*moisturizing lipstick

*good for sheer coverage and everyday look

*easily available online and offline.

Thumbs down-

*does the provide full coverage especially to pigmented lips.

*it is a bit pricey.

Will i purchase it again?

I would try some other shades may be.. From this range.



Lakme 9 to 5 cc cream

Product review

Price – 325 inr(4.63usd)

Recently the price has reduced to 299inr.

Shades available –






It comes in plastic tube packaging with rose gold cap,that makes the product look really chic on your makeup vanity.


Not mentioned on the tube.

But since lakme is a trusted brand,it can be trusted with ingredients.

My experience

I have the beige here.

It is the lightest of all shades.i have seen all the shades in store… And i see no such difference in the color of the cream.

it does feel like on your skin and has nice orangish fresh smell that fades away.

It gives off a white cast immediately after application,but it gradually settles and mixes with your skin tone in a few minutes.

So i would recommend that you do your makeup using this at least 20 minutes before going out,especially if you have a wheatish or dusky skin like me.

It does not color correct… But for a day cream with spf its a nice buy.

The consistency and smell is very similar to lakme 9 to 5 foundation.



Will i purchase it again?

No, i don’t think i will.

Rating – 6/10

Lakme absolute perfect radiance skin lightening night creme

Price-360 INR(5.13usd)


Packaging –

it comes in nice silvery looking container that looks pretty on the makeup vanity looks quite high end.

Ingredients –

Not mentioned on the bottle but might be written on the cardboard box it comes with. I bought the day creme and night creme in a set and a face massager came along free with this.

My experience –

Packaging looks pretty high end. This cream smells exactly like fair and lovely cream.

This cream dries in few minutes and can be easily used under foundation or bb cream as a primer.

It goes tingles a bit… May be because of the skin lightening properties in them.

The formulation of this cream is same as the “lakme absolute perfect radiance skin lightening day creme”.

I bought both of them together in a pack.

It is a bit thicker in consistency then the day creme. And the next morning this creme does feels refreshing.

Thumbs up-

*works nice as night cream and primer.

*a bit pricey for the amount of product.

*available easier online than offline.

Thumbs down –

*feels a bit whitish on skin but on massaging it in it fades.

*smell might bother some of you.

Will i purchase it again?

I don’t think so.. I would like to try some other alternatives. I don’t have much to say about this product but i do not like it much.

Rating – 6/10.

Loreal oil replacement cream

Product review

Price-135 INR(1.93usd)

Quantity – 200ml


Normal plastic tube packaging but it looks really chic with the kind of golden cover. Looks very high end. It has flip cap.


How to apply –

It is mentioned clearly on the packaging as to how to apply at the back of the tube.

But the way i use it is-

+ use as heat protectant

+use it as hair serum

+use it as after shower conditioner

+use it as hair oil 30 minutes before or overnight.

My experience

I feel like it does the job of moisturizing very well.

But for people who don’t like smell in there product would not feel comfortable in using it since the smell stays and only goes away after washing. It smells like jasmine oil..

And if you are planning on applying it overnight, the smell will definitely bother you.

Initially when you’ll apply it, it will feela like you have some oil on your hair but slowly that oiliness goes away. I like the way how it leaves my hair soft and non greasy as soon as it dries off.

Will i purchase it again?

I don’t think i would purchase it…. Because as a person i like smell in my products but this one has a very strong smell. So i would like to try some other brands.

Rating – 6/10