ADS matte lipgloss

Price – 60 INR(0.86 usd)

Quantity – 8ml

Shade no-28(dusky rose color /plum shade)

Packaging -its a nice sturdy plastic glass bottle with metallic looking screw on cap. I bought it from a nearby local store so i bought the single shade. If you are buying online you have to buy the whole set of ads lipgloss.

It has a nice tip applicator for easy application.

Ingredients – it was mentioned on the set of the package it comes with, but not on individual product.

Link for buying online – ads lipgloss link. click here

Swatch and quality –

I usually dot it on my lips and then spread it with my fingers.

The texture thick and mousse.

In daylight, swatch is below-

In flash, the swatch is below-

My experience –

One of my favorite lip shade. Very kylie jennerish plum shade.

Looks very beautiful plum shade on dusky and darker skin tones..might appear pinkish on fairer people.

It feels very lightweight and dries to a very matte finish and does not feels sticky.

It covers pigmentation on my lips very well and gives a very nice opaque shade. It has a very nice staying power of 6-7 hour. Moreover, it’s waterproof too.

I love very it on a day to day basis as it is a wearable shade, not too flashy not to dull.

Thumbs up-


*travel friendly

*lightweight and comfortable.

*kylie jennerish shade.

*suits every skin tone.

*available online (but comes in set)

*easier to find it in local drugstore.

Thumbs down-

*available in set online.

Rating – 9/10

Will i purchase it again?

I would definitely try more shades from this ads matte lipgloss range.

Me now generation eyebrow pencil



PRICE- Rs 20

What does the product claims-
*Incredibly smooth
*Provides soft and simple color

it has beautiful funky sketch design all over the pink coloured pencil.  It has a pop up lid with a small haircomb to it… I guess… Its for combing eyebrow hair. 😅pretty useful though



My experience –
No doubt that this product does stands out to what it claims to be.
It is a super soft and smooth, even the colour pay off is very good.
It can be doubled up as an eyebrow pencil as well as eyeliner….. Though personally i use it as an eyeliner ☺…
It just glides on…. Without hurting your eye…. Good for applying over waterline.

The only downside of it is that it tend to smudge after 3- 4 hr…
So you can get an effortless smokey racoon eyed look, if you apply quite a thick coat of it in the morning 😂


Thumbs up-
*easy application
*good as eyeliner
*good colour payoff
*super smooth
*can also be used for creating smokey eye look 😊

Thumbs down-
*ingredient list not mentioned
*should not be used as eyebrow pencil
*smugdes after 3-4hr

Himalaya Anti Dandruff Hair Cream

hi beauties ,

Winter’s are a time when people most often tend to have dandruff issues…

Anti dandruff shampoos only remove those flakes but do they prevent? NO. At the least most don’t.So the dandruff eventually returns and this viscious cycle goes on and on.Wilw i was surfing through youtube,i came across this product “Himalaya Anti Dandruff Hair Cream”….It has tulsi and tea tree (as it says on the product)


PRODUCT REVIEWED-Himalaya Anti Dandruff Hair Cream

PRICE- Rs 100 for 175 ml





Apply sufficient amount of cream from root to tip,massage gently on scalp using your fingers to spread the cream evenly .For better reslts,use daily before and after hair wash.



AS HAIRMASK- i apply this as a hairmask as mentioned above by generous applying the cream.

AS HAIR CONDITIONER-i have also used this as a conditioner…and this cream does a brillant job in doing that 🙂 .i use a much less amount of cream (as compared to HAIRMASK) and apply it only to the shaft of my hair …leave it for 2-3 minutes and wash it of.

AS ANTI -FRIZZ CREAM-it also helps in taming dry ,frizzy ,rough and tangled hair.After shampooing and conditoning ,when my hair dries up….i  apply a small amount of cream to my finger tips….and run it through my hair. 🙂


PACKAGING-It comes in round white tub with green cap.



TEXTURE– The cream is super smooth and spreads amazingly well…a small quantity of it goes a long way.The consistency of the cream was so thick that it didn’t even drop when i turned the tub upside down.


SMELL- i like the smell of it…but some people might not….

My review

The cream is truly a cream, very smooth to touch. It bought instant relief to itchy sensation(a common problem seen in dandruff scalp) as soon as this cream was applied.It was intense moisture and my scalp was cool and RELAXED. I combed my hair so as to spread the cream throughout the hair shaft.i applied the cream 2 to 3 hours before shampooing .

After washing off my hair…i did feel a change in the texture of my felt a lot smoother and tangle free….

For the dandruff to go away…it does take time and a clean scalp can be achieved on regular use.

Thumbs Up 👍-

  • affordable and easily Available
  • relieves itchiness
  • relieves frizz
  • conditions hair
  • Improves the texture of hair
  • quite a lot of product to use ..the cream was filled up to the brim of the tub 🙂

Thumbs Down 👎 –

  • Some people might not like the smell of it.
  • it goes contain inactive ingredients like Methylparaben, Propylparaben.

Rating- 4.5/5

Would i repurchase it? yes… least for using it throughout winters.







Lakme Face Magic Skin Tints Souffle-Review

hi !

A lightweight and water-based foundation from Lakme to give you nothing but sheer coverage and a luminous glow – this Daily Wear Soufflé  is no ordinary foundation. The airy and smooth formula, ideal for daily use, goes on smoothly without caking and instantly sinks into your skin to give you that perfectly glowing, au natural finish.

The one which i have is in the shade “natural marble”



Rs. 160 for 30 ml (2.45US dollar)

Shade reviewed:

Natural marble


its fluffy just like a souflle 🙂 but it can become runny sometimes.

Product Description:

Discover Lakme’s Face Magic Daily Wear Souffle.  A lightweight water-based foundation that gently evens out your complexion.  With the goodness of sunscreen, cucumber extracts, and vitamin E, it provides UV protection in addition to soothing and moisturising your skin, giving you a natural flawless glow.

  • Cucumber Extracts
  • Provides UV Protection
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for Everyday Wear
  • 100% Water Based
  • Vitamin E
  • Easy Way for Natural and Flawless Look 🙂

Packaging: It comes in a cute pot with a second lid covering. The packaging makes it very travel friendly and it does not leak. But the product gets a bit messy as we have to dip fingers every time.

Rating– 4.5/5


Thumbs up 👍 –

  • dewy finish,so good for dry to combination skin.
  • Good for a no make -up look
  • affordable price
  • cute packaging
    • Good brand
    • Gives medium coverage
    • Pleasant smell
    • Smooth and soft to blend

Thumbs down 👎  –

  • runny consistency in hot weather

would i buy it again?

yes,because it suits my skin! 🙂

You can find me at- 🙂