Blue heaven shingarika sindoor (powder sindoor)

Product review-

Price – 20 INR (0.29USD)

Quantity – 25gm

Ingredients-not mentioned on the packet

Packaging- sturdy package… Good for the price. it comes in two colour – maroon and red. I have the maroon also has a nice mirror on the cap for easy application.

My experience :

In comparison to the local powder sindoor brands… Blue heaven can be trusted because it’s a pretty nice drugstore brand emerging in india.

I have used this sindoor and even repurchased it because of the fact that it does not feel heavy on application.

Moreover, it comes with an applicator which helps in application of sindoor much easier and less messy.

I prefer using powder sindoor (because its a tradition in india) but most quality sindoor in the market comes in liquid or wax form like lakme ones.

Thumbs up-

*Portable and travel friendly.

*Easy application.

*Comes in two colours-red and maroon.

*Nice pigmentation.

*Available only in local stores in india.


Thumbs down-

*Not available online.

Will i repurchase it?

I would love to repurchase it. And i already have.

Rating – 9/10


Product Reviewed-



749INR (10.72usd) for set of six (set S3)

Quantity-4.2g each



What the product claims-









My experience-

These lipsticks come in a set of six (at Amazon) containing brown ,nudes ,pink and red shade.these shades are even sold separately on ebay.

These lipstick have “Numbers” mentioned on it for different shades…instead of names.

The nude Shades in this set are “Kylie Jennerish” shades 🙂

These are incredibly smooth powdery matte lipstick…Pigmentation is really good…so good that it won’t come off even on waashing.Only makeup removers or oil can remove it…Hence kissproof i guess 😛 as the name says.

But it might feel dry for people with dry lips.

when applied over any other lipstick it makes it look matte.

these act as great lipliner for liquid lipstick…especially shade 5 and shade 9 which helps in concealing dark pigmentation on lips.




Thumbs up-

  • great pigmentation
  • nude shades conceals pigmented lips well
  • super long lasting
  • affordable

Thumbs down-

  • has to be sharpened
  • has mild rubbery smell to it
  • only available online






Price-Rs 700 (10.42 usd)


Packaging-the packaging is much similiar to nyx brow is packaged within a squeezy plastic tube, with a nozzle.The packaging is quite classy…but there’s no brush to go along with this product.





The Application.

The first thing I’d say is that you need the smallest amount of this stuff for both eyebrows, below is about as much as I use (one dot).

Lasting Power-

With powder I often find that it fades through the day but this stuff doesn’t, it sets to a natural looking finish, it’s not crispy or waxy but it doesn’t budge, I still definitely have to remove quite a bit at night when I’m taking off my makeup which is good. I wear my makeup for around 12-14 hours a day and I never feel like I need to touch it up.




. Once applied to the brows, it really doesn’t budge and it is completely smudgeproof like it claims and it’s even waterproof too so it would be the perfect brow companion in the summer or on holiday as your brows would stay in place all day. I think this would be the perfect brow product if the shade range was a little more diverse, so I really hope Makeup Revolution create some cool toned fair and dark shades as three out of the four shades are warm toned.



  • Great pigmentation
  • easy to use
  • medium shade is a bit reddish ,,..not so good for indian skin tone
  • feels light
  • smudge proof
  • affordable


  • no brush is given with it…so you have to buy a brush for its application
  • limited shades
  • easily available only online


hey everyone, 🙂

Today i’m going to be reviewing an INDIAN BEAUTY SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE called fabbag. They have two types of monthly subscription services  ,one for women and another for men.They even sell some products on their website.


  • For one time subscription ,its RS 599
  • For 3 month subscription,one time payment is Rs1599( i.e- Rs 533/month)
  • For 6 month subscription,one tim e payment is Rs 2899(i.e-483/month)
  • For 12 month subscription,one time payment is Rs 4999(i.e-416/month)


Their website-



Fab bag curates their beauty and skincare products for their monthly bag based on their “theme” for every month.This time since december is all about christmas new year and celebration ….they had named their theme as “PARTY ALL NIGHT“.they often give clues and updates on their month’s theme on their instagram account HERE.

i was really eager to know their theme for their december month…then later after subscribing to them, i came to know that they had not made any new bag …rather there was a choice for use to choose from any of the previous month’s fabbag.(the products in the bag obviously would not be the same as previous month)

So,i chose the September month one(which was their third anniversary bag).it was chic pink glittery bag ..which i noticed later that it was actually apt to the theme “party all night”



1)SKINN by TITAN CELESTE FOR WOMEN– It was a sample size product incased in a usual perfume casing.There was small glass spray bottle with the name of the perfume embossed on it and  20ml of perfume(Eau De Parfum) was in it.For me, it would easily last for a month.

PRICE For Full size (of 50ml)– Rs 990


2)SKINN by TITAN RAW FOR MEN– It was a sample size product incased in a usual perfume casing.There was small glass spray bottle with the name of the perfume embossed on it and  2ml of perfume(Eau De Parfum) was in it.For me, it would easily last for a month.It was a cute travel friendly bottle easy to throw in travel bag.i really liked this perfume more than the previous one. 🙂

PRICE For Full size (of 50ml)– Rs 990


3)LEVER AYUSH DANDRUFF NAASHAK SHAMPOO HAIR VITALISATION-AYUSH THERAPY is a newly launched range by hindustan unilever and its an exclusive range of health and personal care products born out of the eternal truth of Ayurveda blended with Modern Science.

This one was also a sample sized white plastic bottle .i have used it once and it didn’t really do anything for the dandruff but it definitely did improve the texture of my hair . 🙂

PRICE OF FULL SIZE(for 200ml)-Rs 325


4)KRONOKARE THE FRIZZ KISS COOLING EXPLOSION LIP BALM-It was a full-sized product of 10ml which came in white plastic travel handy tube.On application ,it gives of a very cooling effect on lips thought this effect fades away after 30minutes.




This product was quite on rage on the instagram page of fabbag.Sugar cosmetics is newly launched brand of germany .This lip crayon was really smooth in texture and just glided  easily on lips without making it feel dry or chapped.The name  “SCARLETT O’HARA”is the name of character from the novel “Gone with wind”,i really liked the way they had named all there lip crayon…till now they have launched four beautiful shades.


1-HOLLY GO’LIGHTLY 04(soft peachy shade with pink undertones)

2-MARY POPPINS 02(hot fushia pink)

3-POISON IVY 03(deep wine red)

4 -SCARLETT O HARA( true red)

This was a full -sized  product.i got the red one in my fabbag


6)TATTVA PEACH GRAPES & CHERRY BLOSSOM BODY BUTTER-This was a sample sized product of 25ml.This is also a newly launched brand too.I liked the formulation of this body butter(it really moistures even dry skin) but the only thing which i didn’t really was the sweet fragrance of it which lingers even after application.

PRICE FOR FULL SIZE( for 50gm)-Rs 450


I’ll be doing a full review on each of the products soon. 🙂













Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper

hi lovelies, 😉

I am so glad that brands in India are coming up with something for eyebrows which was forever ignored until now.There are very few good brow pencil available in india….No wonder when Maybelline launched its “Fashion brow duo shaper” it got sold out right away! 🙂 This pencil is available in two shades- BROWN and GREY .

Product Reviewed– Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper


Shade reviewed– Brown

PRICE- RS196( i got this at discounted rate from Snapdeal ).Its market price is Rs 245(3.6 usd) for 0.5 gms of product


What the Company claims: The Fashion Brow is the ultimate duo shaper with a natural mineral powder finish on one end and a 0.2mm micro lead tip pencil on the other to give you an ultra-soft precision for perfectly defined eyebrows up to 12 hours. It fixes gaps and blends seamlessly for smooth, stunning brows. If you’re not born with brows that are naturally full and shaped to perfection, Fashion Brow will guarantee you to get the best look for them.

-Duo shaper with a natural mineral powder finish.
– 0.2mm micro lead tip pencil.
– Double ended eyebrow pencil.
– Perfectly defined eyebrows up to 12 hours.

Shade-Brown is what usually works for everyone…and gives of a more natural look.The grey shade can be used if you have sparse brow hair to fill in the gaps .

Packaging-The Maybelline Fashion Brow Shaper Duo comes as a sleek black plastic packaging with color coded caps. One end has the retractable slim pencil while the other has a sponge applicator which applies the brow powder.

sponge applicator end which helps in filling in the brow
pencil end helps in lining the brow area

Ingredient-the list is mentioned on the outer plastic wrapping in which this pencil comes in.

My experience-In the ‘Brown’ one , the pencil part still looks a bit grey and is not completely brown. The pencil is a bit hard because of which i think it is easier to have a control as to how much product you want on your brows and how much you want to fill in and in which areas.
The cap on the other end of the eyebrow pencil has a bed of shadow in it and the sponge is lying over the shadow only so it attracts as much shadow as it can. So when you take out the sponge to fill in your eyebrows, it automatically gives a muted brown shade and one can easily do about 3-4swipes with the amount of product that comes out on the sponge.

The eye brow pencil from maybelline lasts on me pretty much the whole time without smudging or budging. It is not however a water-proof brow filler. The texture of fashion brow duo is smooth and lightweight. It doesn’t feel as though you’re wearing anything on your eyebrows. It is not at all difficult to take off, one swipe of your favorite makeup remover and off it comes.

SWATCH IN FLASH-The thin line is the pencil And the thick swatch is the by sponge applicator



  • Soap &Glory’s ‘Love is Blonde’
  • Makeup revolution brow arch


  • affordable
  • easily available -offline and online
  • travel friendly
  • easy to use
  • smooth in texture


  • It might take a little getting used to at first. But once you get the hang of it, the Maybelline brow shaper can do wonders.
  • Not waterproof,it might get washed of during summer days due to sweat


i absolutely love it…and would definitely recommend it to everyone else! 🙂



Swiss beauty eyeliner pencil

hi lovelies,

Today, I will be reviewing one of  kajal pencil  I have been using a lot these days, its ,

Product Reviewed– swiss beauty eyelineer pencil

Shade- Black E-01



Quantity– 1.8 g

Price- Rs129 (1.98 usd)

Product Description

EasyLiner For Eyes by Swiss Beauty is easy to use and gives you an intense look throughout the day. It doesn’t smear, smudge or fade. It gives excellent color coverage. You can create dramatic look or sophisticated look with ease with Swiss Beauty’s EasyLiner For Eyes. Best Suitable For: All types of eyes. Apply EasyLiner For Eyes by Swiss Beauty along lash lines from inner corner to outer corner your eyes.

 Ingredients -Not mentioned
My experience
This colour is not so jet black but it does holds on for 5-6 hours.After using ,it feels that it is water-resistant .
it does starts smudging in waterline area after 5-6 hours.Its creamy nature makes it very easier to be smudged to get that soft smokey look! The pigmentation is good enough to give you  a nice dark color!

So, overall I would say its quite a good kajal pencil which does not smudge to an extent to give you raccoon eyes!

Thumbs up 👍 –

  • Perfect for creating soft and bold smokey looks.
  • Extremely affordable and cheap.
  • easily available
  • travel friendly packaging
  • stays for 5-6 hrs without smudging

Thumbs down 👎 –

  • it smudges in summer season
  • not for extremely oily skin people
  • ingredients not mentioned

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Nykaa Haul !!

Hi lovelies, 🙂

I have seen a lot of You-tubers and beauty vloggers do haul on “sephora”…so i thought lets do a haul on an indian beauty site which i a love a lot…!! i like this site for the simple fact that the products are priced at a reasonable rate moreover they delivery the products in exact 5 days…i just adore this site a lot. 🙂 ❤

Site –

Products i bought-

  • Soulflower Kesar Sandalwood Puja Oil
  • Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer- Black Current pop
  • Maybelline Superstay 14hr Lipstick- Always Plum
  • Maybelline Diamond Glow Eye Shadow- Wine Pink
  • Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush- Fresh Coral






i’ll be reviewing all of it in my blog!!….to know more keep following!! 🙂

I have reviewed Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush- Fresh Coral Here !!

i have reviewed   Maybelline Color Show nail Lacquer Here!

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Lakme insta-liner (Water Resistant Eyeliner)

Hi beauties, 🙂
I bought this product beacause it was from a reputed brand “LAKME”. Before using this instaliner ,I didn’t even know the difference between water resistant and water proof
Product Reviewed– Lakme Instaliner
Price: Rs.179 for 9 ml (2.76usd)
Shelf life: 30 months
Ingredient List- not mentioned
Packaging– it’s really not what i was expecting from lakme… 😦 Packaging looks cheap.The product comes in a transparent glass bottle with a sturdy screw type lid..I didn’t even like the brush attached to the cap,it has irregular bristles to it.
What the company claims-
  • Lightweight and comfortable eye make-up for perfect definition
  • Water-resistant formula ensures no smudging or smearing
  • Deep intense color that does not fade.


My experience-
Lakme Insta Liner has deep black color that gives a fine definition to eyes.Mainly the irritating factor in kajal is smudging but with lakme insta liner i have no problem about smudging also to add to it, it stays put for the whole day, sometimes the next day.Though it comes as jet black, it never gives the same shine when dried.Its doesn’t dries soon, so when you apply in your waterline and sneeze(yeah! i did) or do something where your eyes shutter before the liner dries, it gets inside your socket area which is not a pretty sight. Though it have never caused me any irritation when its gets inside the socket region still eyes are too delicate so it is a major con.
Thumbs Up-

-easy to apply

-easy to wipe off
– has a deep black color.
-smudge proof.
-stays on for really long.
– travel friendly.
– affordable price

-jet black in colour

-doesn’t irritates the eye

Thumbs down-

  • i don’t like the look of the packaging.
  • i really hate the bristles of the brush
  • it takes along time to dry out.(more than elle 18 liquid eyeliner

Shahnaz Hussain Shalife Plus Skin Nourishing Program

hello beautiful, 🙂

Product reviewed-Shahnaz Hussain Shalife Plus

Price-Rs 475 for 35gm(7.29 usd)

INDICATION(as written on the back of product)-

Enhanced by precious plant ingredients and specialized techniques, this luxurious formula for normal to dry skin is the ultimate in skin nourishment.With a built-in emollient system, enriched with natural anti-oxidants, it strengthens the supportive tissues and improves skin elasticity.

Designed to porcelain the skin, it improves moisture content and vitality, giving the skin a smooth youthful texture and radiant glow.

Shelf Life– 3 years from manufacturing

Packaging-It comes in a tube-like packaging


apply on the face and massage on the skin with a few drops of water for three to five minutes, using outward and slightly upward strokes. Wipe off with moist cotton wool.

INGREDIENTS– Tulsi Ark, Chakarmard Beej Extract, Khas Distillate, Mom, Tankana Powder, vitamin E, MaltiPushp Tel, Gulab Ark, Chandan Extract, Badam Tel

My Mom’s experience

She have been using this as massage cream during her home facials and the results have been extraordinary. It is a very thick white colour cream which has somewhat strong yet nice fragrance . She usually takes a small dab of this cream and massage it all over my face for 10 minutes, adding few drops of water in between. Then she wipes it off. It makes her skin soft and smooth and glowing. It gives suppleness to her skin and removes any sign of dryness.

After the massage,skin has a glow to it and looks healthy. There are no dry patches and skin feels moisturized. It feels like the elasticity of skin increases and texture of the skin improves. Skin feels smooth and soft. A quick massage with this cream gives off a fresh glow.




Thumbs Up 👍

  • Only a little cream is required for massage
  • Makes the skin soft and glowing
  • Gets easily absorbed into skin
  • made from herbal ingredients(No parabens)

Thumbs Down 👎

  • Oily skinned beauties should stay away from this
  • Expensive for the such little amount of product
  • if you are looking for a massage cream to massage for around half an hour, then this is not the one for you.

Rating– 5/5

Will i repurchase it??

Yes .This is a good massage cream which will suit normal, dry or combination skin. It leaves you with young looking and glowing skin with just a few minutes of massage.

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Nail Trend Nail Paint Remover


Product reviewed– Nail Trend Nail enamel remover.

This product caught my eye because of its lavender colour……moreover i’m not much of nail paint person so i prefer drugstore nail enamel remover.

Packaging-The bottle resembles Lakme’s nail paint remover. The bottle is of glass, and the cap is really sturdy with this lid properly fitted into its wide mouth. You don’t need to remove lid to use the remover, instead there’s already a hole in the lid, and the cap has a small pointed projection that fits in that hole when you shut the cap. So in a nutshell, you don’t have to worry about removing or piercing the lid, or spilling of the remover.



What the company claims–  Nail color remover with Vitamin E, acetone free.


Price- Rs 30(0.46 usd)

How to use– Dab in to cotton pad or wool to wipe off nail enamel thoroughly yet gently.

My experience-

I can definitely feel a change after using this remover. It removes the nail enamels effectively and doesn’t dries out your nails like most of the removers do. It doesn’t dries out the cuticles or nails, and cleans the nails effectively without letting the nail paint stain your nails. FIY, they also have nail paints, for Rs.30/- (yea you heard it right..) and I absolutely adore them for their quality, sometimes they even survive for a monthYes IF you haven’t checked out these, or have ignored while in Reliance fresh, then you must surely pick one and try.

I have reviewed those nail paints here- Nail Trend Nail Enamel ( by Reliance)

Thumbs up  👍 –

  • Travel friendly
  • affordable
  • easy to use
  • acetone free

Thumbs down 👎 –

  • only available at reliance outlet.

Rating -5/5

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