Makeup Revolution highlighter dupe


If you are someone from india or visiting india.. You can surely should check out these amazing dupes of the makeup revolution highlighter.

Of course, you can buy them from indian sites too..



Price-1050 inr (14.75usd)

The dupes for the above –

Swiss beauty drop and glow liquid highlighter – 390 inr

Kiss beauty liquid highlighter (set of 3)

Price – 629inr (8.84usd)

Me on highlighting drop highlighter

(In candlelight, celestial, sunlight.)

Price- 399 inr

From flipkart



Dupe for the above-

Odbo vivid baked highlighter 01


Maybelline masterchrome highlighter in molten gold

Price – 500rs(7.03usd)

Incolor baked highlighter 08

Price-380inr (5.34usd)

Iconic london in glow –

Price-445 inr(6.25usd)

From snapdeal. Com

Miss claire baked highlighter 03




PRICE-650 INR(9.14 usd)

Dupes of the above are-

Sivanna shimmer brick*01

Price – 270inr (3.80usd)

Miss claire shimmer brick

Price-299inr (4.20usd)

Me on glow shimmer brick(nector02, bronze kiss, pink quartz)

Price – 399inr


Price-1050inr (14.76usd)

DUPES are-

Odbo sweet heart 3 shade blusher

Price 399inr (5.61usd)

Maybelline Diamond Glow Eyeshadow Quad by EYESTUDIO

Hey there,

i have had many neutral palettes….but after hearing a lot of good things about the maybelline quad …i decided to choose and try out on of them.. 🙂

PRODUCT REVIEWED– Maybelline Diamond Glow Eyeshadow Quad


PRICE- Rs 495 for 2.5 gms

The shades are in the quad are:

  • Creamy Highlighter with silver shimmer
  • Light metallic baby pink hue with lots of shimmer
  • Bright magenta with a slight hint of simmer
  • Deep Plum Pink that almost looks blackish brown/pinkish black

PACKAGING-It comes in a sleek black rectangular case, with a clear lid. The four eye shadows are embedded in a arrow shaded pattern. An tapering sponge tip applicator is also included in the quad. No mirror is included. The back of the case gives instructions for application.



Product Claims:

  • Glow you eyes with diamonds with the creamiest powder shadow ever launched by Maybelline NY!
  • The most glowing diamond effect in 4 simple steps
  • Exclusive technology with gem-like sparkles that do not crush


My Experience-

Overall the packaging is quite handy and looks decent.As far as the texture is concerned it’s okay.The quad is very white, I mean every color feels it has some white in it, except the darker one.

Moreover,its difficult to work with them honestly as they are average in pigmented. There are good for a softer casual look and not for the day when you want to go heavy on eye makeup.

Al the four have shimmer to them, all silver shimmer. The light pink one is a very pretty metallic for the inner corner as well. The shimmer does not fly all over the place but still doesn’t feel packed well.Over all, sheer!

In Flash-


In Natural light-


Finger Swatches-


Thumbs up 👍 –

  • Great for multitasking. You can use the different shades in the quad as blusher, highlighter or liner.
  • silver finish
  • easy to apply because of the instructs given on the back of the quad
  • easily available

Thumbs down 👎 –

  • Pigmentation is not so good.quite sheer.
  • too much sparkle
  • doesn’t lasts long




Colorbar perfect gloss

hi lovelies,

i have been using this gloss on a daily basis for college and i love and adore it because it stays on for so long  🙂 ❤





Quantity– 6ml

My experience

As the texture is just right,it does not feel like you are wearing a heavy sticky gloss. I get comfortable after 5 minutes of applying this has an excellent pigmentation ,more than the sheer ones as they give a little bit of coverage without the need of an extra lipstick to go under.When am wearing this, my lips do not look ‘overdone’ with all the glossiness in it.

The colour which I have is a perfect understated pink for my kind of complexion. I loved wearing it every time I went out and did not fell heavy.



Thumbs up 👍 

  • Goes on very smooth on your lips.
    • It has a very light smell to it.
    • The gloss is very easy to apply with the short wand
  • stays for long

• It is good for everyday wear
• I like pigmented glosses

• It also fades pretty evenly.
• Widely available at all the colorbar counters.

Thumbs down 👎 

  • ingredient list absent

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Nykaa Haul !!

Hi lovelies, 🙂

I have seen a lot of You-tubers and beauty vloggers do haul on “sephora”…so i thought lets do a haul on an indian beauty site which i a love a lot…!! i like this site for the simple fact that the products are priced at a reasonable rate moreover they delivery the products in exact 5 days…i just adore this site a lot. 🙂 ❤

Site –

Products i bought-

  • Soulflower Kesar Sandalwood Puja Oil
  • Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer- Black Current pop
  • Maybelline Superstay 14hr Lipstick- Always Plum
  • Maybelline Diamond Glow Eye Shadow- Wine Pink
  • Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush- Fresh Coral






i’ll be reviewing all of it in my blog!!….to know more keep following!! 🙂

I have reviewed Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush- Fresh Coral Here !!

i have reviewed   Maybelline Color Show nail Lacquer Here!

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EnvyBox Giveaway Contest Prize- Davidoff Cool Water Fragranced Shower Gel for women

HI beauties, 🙂

I first came to know about envy Box via Instagram….when i was randomly surfing through.I saw this giveaway contest going on at “Envy box” instagram page(Envy BOX) and participated in because the product they had put up was quite a luxurious one..

Envy box is an Indo-French company bringing the best of beauty in a luxurious monthly beauty box.For subscription of this box you can go to-

On 18 september the result came out…and i couldn’t believe my eyes…!! it was my name on that winners list…it just made my day…Moreover i had participated in “Envy box contest” for the first time so it was all the more overwhelming for me. 🙂 😀 ❤

This is what the posted on facebook and instagram ☟

Product reviewed- Davidoff Cool Water Fragranced Shower Gel for women


Price-I got this one as a prize but it’s online price is- $22 (Rs 1423.50)

Quantity-75 ml (2.5 FL oz e)

Consistency – it neither too watery nor too viscous




About the brand Davidoff

Davidoff brand was named after its founder, Zino Davidoff who was called “The King of Cigars”. His father had a renowned tobacco business and Zino, who became a specialist in Cuban tobacco, joined the established family business to Oettinger company and this act led to a fast expansion. In the 80s Davidoff decided to enter the leather and perfumes market. Cool Water was one of the first perfumes in Aromatic Aquatic serie. At present, Davidoff offers several tens of diverse fragrances which were born from Davidoff collaboration with top perfume designers: Antoine Lie, Nathalie Lorson, Beatrice Piquet, Veronique Nyberg, Benoist Lapouza and many others. Davidoff perfumes are created under Coty Inc. and they also have attractive stylish bottles – the bottle of Davidoff Echo Eau de Toilette was designed by a successful New York designer and architect Karim Rashid. The fragrances are fresh, original, daring and sensual. Most of them are aimed at men. However, there are some Davidoff perfumes for women too. Davidoff also sells body lotions, shower gels and other top quality beauty care products. Davidoff fragrances found its fans among such stars as Evan McGregor who likes the Cool Water fragrance. Davidoff attracts all those who love adventure, sport and excitement, are energetic, self-confident and desire to live their life fully.

Product description- 

Launched by the design house of Davidoff in 1996, COOL WATER is a women’s fragrance that possesses a blend of citrus, pineapple, and woody notes, blended with the scent of ocean air. It is recommended for casual wear.When applying any fragrance please consider that there are several factors which can affect the natural smell of your skin and, in turn, the way a scent smells on you.  For instance, your mood, stress level, age, body chemistry, diet, and current medications may all alter the scents you wear.  Similarly, factor such as dry or oily skin can even affect the amount of time a fragrance will last after being applied


Top notes

Lily, Melon, Pineapple, Lotus, Citrus Fruit, Quince, Currant

Middle notes

Rose, Jasmine, Lily Of The Valley

Base notes

Vetiver, Peach, Amber, Iris, Mulberry

This popular fragrance is perfect for women of all ages. Cool Water Woman by Davidoff evokes the spirit of the most luminous waters. Fruity notes of quince and blackcurrant, pineapple and honeydew melon unite with a fresh floral blend of lotus blossom and water lily. Together with stimulating top notes, a layered feeling is created: one of power and paradise, sensuality and tranquillity. This fantastic set also contains a shower gel and body lotion.

Personally i feel that it’s fragrance is a stronger version of “lakme sun expert” but with a minty ting to it.


The product comes in a sea blue shiny plastic container and the shower gel inside it has bubbles in it which gives off an oceany it’s made out of pure mystical sea water.It comes in a flip flop cap…that is pretty easy to use and travel handy.


what i think-

Beautiful scent. Fresh, energetic, sexy and youthful. Exotic tropical island encapsulated in a blue bottle. Love it as a shower gel .

Thumbs up-

  • Travel handy
  • keeps skin fresh and revitalised
  • enriched with panthenol and allatoin
  • heavenly smell.This fragrance reflects the long summer days, a combination of citrus, apple, black currants pineapple, lotus flowers, water lily, may rose

Thumbs Down-

  • Not easily available on online sites in india

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Nail Trend Nail Paint Remover


Product reviewed– Nail Trend Nail enamel remover.

This product caught my eye because of its lavender colour……moreover i’m not much of nail paint person so i prefer drugstore nail enamel remover.

Packaging-The bottle resembles Lakme’s nail paint remover. The bottle is of glass, and the cap is really sturdy with this lid properly fitted into its wide mouth. You don’t need to remove lid to use the remover, instead there’s already a hole in the lid, and the cap has a small pointed projection that fits in that hole when you shut the cap. So in a nutshell, you don’t have to worry about removing or piercing the lid, or spilling of the remover.



What the company claims–  Nail color remover with Vitamin E, acetone free.


Price- Rs 30(0.46 usd)

How to use– Dab in to cotton pad or wool to wipe off nail enamel thoroughly yet gently.

My experience-

I can definitely feel a change after using this remover. It removes the nail enamels effectively and doesn’t dries out your nails like most of the removers do. It doesn’t dries out the cuticles or nails, and cleans the nails effectively without letting the nail paint stain your nails. FIY, they also have nail paints, for Rs.30/- (yea you heard it right..) and I absolutely adore them for their quality, sometimes they even survive for a monthYes IF you haven’t checked out these, or have ignored while in Reliance fresh, then you must surely pick one and try.

I have reviewed those nail paints here- Nail Trend Nail Enamel ( by Reliance)

Thumbs up  👍 –

  • Travel friendly
  • affordable
  • easy to use
  • acetone free

Thumbs down 👎 –

  • only available at reliance outlet.

Rating -5/5

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Hi beauties :),

The shade which i’m going to review today  is a limited edition one from lakme ….and i have not seen its review anywhere on the internet.

Product – Lakme ultra creme lipstick

SHADE-S102 silver lip art

Price- Rs 200


Packaging– it comes in square container and travel handy.


HOW I USE IT-Lakme Silver lip art as highlighter (on cheeks or as eyeshadow highlighter)-

It’s an excellent highlighter. This particular shade is good for medium to dusky skin tones. I use it to highlight my brow bone, cheek bones, nose and chin. It’s very easy to blend, so I can use it anywhere on my face.

Because it’s a pencil, it’s very easy to use it on the Cupid ’s bow. You just dab a little on the arch of you lips and blend with your finger. Awessome results!!!
I reach out for this mainly for highlighting. As it is a pencil, it’s very easy to draw an arch below the eyebrows, or a straight line along the cheek bones, and then you just blend it out. Very precise application!!!

I have never used it as the only lipcolour but this shade can be used for lip conturing as its totally blendable.



  • long lasting
  • can be used as highlighter
  • can be used for lip conturing
  • shimmery shade
  • water proof
  • affordable price
  • travel friendly
  • sturdy packaging


  • limited edition
  • not available online


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